Sunday, 12 June 2016

Week 6

This week were lucky enough to have Mrs Mears and Ms Barbour-Flood from Shantytown to take a lesson with each class. We looked at how early maori people bartered wit each other as well as whalers and sealers and early setlers using things they needed instead of money. We also had began our discovery time sessions. We had already discussed what the Key Competencies were and we identified one we felt we needed to work on. We were surpried how may of the key competencies were linked together. The thinking group group had a challenge to fold a piece of paper and see how strong it could be made, which also involved relating to others if they worked with a partner and particpating and contributing ideas, as well as managing themselves to stay on task and cleaning up afterwards.


  1. Kia ora Room 7 I am Leah. It sort of reminds me of when I went to Shantytown. I really liked it I hope you did to. I was wondering what your favorite part was? Cheek out my blog

  2. Kia ora Room 7 I like how your telling us about your Shantytown story. I Think next time you could work on some more full stops and some more capital letters.

  3. Kia Ora Room 7,
    I really liked that experience too when we had to trade the things we have for things we needed instead of using money. I thought that it was really good and that I could do that again. I had the privileged of being in the forest group and being it's leader. I got the cloak and the moko the thing on the chin.

    Bye From Corianna K.